Image: Cassava. stock photo


Story of impact

Dwindling cassava production

The first story published on August 28, 2021, was a full-page story highlighting the
dwindling cassava production and its likely impact on food security in the country.

It also provided solutions that, if implemented, could help to revive cassava production. The story was flagged on Page one.

Following this story, the National Agricultural Research Organisation (NARO) came out to explain the steps they were undertaking to avert the problem of declining cassava production.

A follow up story was published on September 11, 2021, explaining the new superior cassava varieties NARO had developed to address problems such as cassava pests and diseases as well as farmers’ and consumers’ tastes and preferences. The new varieties, according to NARO, have superior cooking, industrial and disease-resistant qualities. This story was also flagged on Page one.

The stories were published by New Vision in Uganda as part of the CABI, SciDev.Net and Robert Bosch Stiftung science journalism project.