Script’s bespoke science communication training packages are available to organisations and institutions. We can help organisations improve the capacity and capability of staff to communicate or report on science. Training can take a variety of forms, from face-to-face training workshops through online webinars to tailored online courses. Our professional trainers are skilled in delivering interactive, engaging events. They have many years of experience working at the interface between science and journalism. The project has access to expert dedicated staff in Africa, Asia, Europe and the Middle East. We are able to deliver science communication training in a number of different languages, using region-appropriate resources and content.

Training topics include:

  • General science communication skills
  • Managing the media message in a crisis disease outbreak situation
  • Finding an audience for your research institution’s scientific findings
  • Science in the media – Maximising opportunities
  • Communicating research findings to specific audiences for research uptake, sidetake and downtime
  • Practical ways to simplify science without compromising its meaning
  • Making research findings interesting to the media, policy-makers and the public
  • Using social media to communicate research
  • Developing a media plan for your research
  • Structuring a media article about your research
  • Pitching your research findings to an editor
  • How researchers can build their profiles on social media
  • How to write and distribute a science press release

These bespoke science communication training resources and activities are offered on a commercial basis. They are outside the scope of the free resources we offer through the generous sponsorship of the Robert Bosch Stiftung. Script is a not-for-profit organisation. Therefore, all proceeds from these activities are reinvested to allow the continuation and expansion of our programmes for the public good.

Please contact us at to find out more about our bespoke training solutions.