Script is a free training and networking resource for journalists, scientists and anyone who wants to communicate science in an engaging and accurate way.

By connecting reporters and researchers, and giving both groups the skills to understand and communicate with each other, Script aims to increase the quantity and quality of science-related stories in the news. We believe this is essential to enable informed, evidence-based decision-making, by everyone from individuals to policymakers.

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Script is made possible by funding from the Robert Bosch Stiftung and is implemented by SciDev.Net

Free online courses

Free online training for both journalists and scientists, delivered through interactive, bitesize modules that can be completed at a time that suits you

Practical guides

These short, easy-to-read guides, offer clear answers to the most commonly asked science communication questions


The latest updates and announcements from the Script project

Script Connect

Script Connect is our new ground-breaking Web application that brings together scientists and journalists for better science communication.

Our partners

Meet Script’s media and academic partners and learn how their involvement contributes to the project’s success

Bespoke training

Find out how the Script team can design a tailored training programme on specific subject areas for your organisation