How Researchers Can Boost Their Career Through Science Communication

Explore how you can use research communication to effectively share information about your research with lay audiences.

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Wednesday 17th of April 2024 12:30 hrs GMT




45 minutes


Online - Zoom Webinar

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About this event

This free training webinar is designed to help researchers understand the benefits of effective research communication, and how they can communicate their research more efficiently to policymakers and the public.

You will learn how to explain your research studies in a way that makes your information more interesting and easier to understand for non-specialists. The training includes advice and tips on how to build your public profile, access new opportunities and create more impact with your research.

You will also have an opportunity to ask questions to a panel of experts who are in the field of science communication.


Led by Dr Charles Wendo, Training Coordinator for SciDev.Net, the webinar series is the latest asset in Script’s portfolio of free resources to provide researchers with the necessary skills and networking to communicate science effectively.

SciDev.Net’s Script programme works to improve the communication of science to the general public, policymakers and other interested groups.

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